Symbols for Water, Gas, Electric, and Emergency Response

AutoCAD Map 3D comes with sample symbol sets customized for water networks, gas utilities, electric utilities (North America), and emergency response planning. You can use the sample symbols as-is or as a basis for developing your own symbols.

Using symbols can promote standardization and consistency in your organization, and can also improve communication by using familiar symbology.

Each set of symbols comes in a separate DWG file. For example, there is Map - Water.dwg, Map - Electric.dwg, and so on. There are several files for Emergency Response.

These electric symbols are examples from Map - Electric.dwg.

These gas symbols are examples from Map - Gas.dwg.

These water symbols are examples from Map - Water.dwg.

These emergency response symbols are examples from Map - ER Incident Centers.dwg.

The symbols are available in \Program Files\AutoCAD Map 3D 2010\Sample\Symbols.

The symbols are in dynamic block format, making them easy to rotate, resize, and color. They have block color properties, which optimizes them for use in DWGs. You can also use them in the Style Editor when styling points.

To set up the symbols for easy drag-and-drop into your maps, you can add them to a Tool Palette.