Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To import a style sheet into the Metadata Viewer

  1. Obtain a style sheet in valid XML format.
    NoteThe use of stylesheets supplied by parties other than Autodesk is subject to the terms and conditions published by the provider of those stylesheets.
  2. Save it to the following location:

    For FGDC

    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Map 3D 2010\Support\Metadata\FGDC\Configuration\Style\

    For ISO

    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Map 3D 2010\Support\Metadata\ISO\Configuration\Style\

  3. Open the following file in any text or XML editor:

    C:\Program Files\AutoCAD Map 3D 2010\Support\Metadata\MetadataConfiguration.xml.

  4. Inside the <MetadataStylesheetSet> tags, add a <MetadataStylesheet> element. Use the following FGDC example as your guide:
  5. Open the Metadata Viewer. (In the Display Manager, select a layer. Click Tools View Metadata.)
  6. Select the new style sheet from the Stylesheet menu at the top of the Metadata tab.
NoteIf your style sheet does not appear in the Stylesheet menu after you perform these steps, restart AutoCAD Map 3D, relaunch the Metadata Viewer, and click Stylesheet again.