Creating and Viewing Metadata
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When you open the Metadata Viewer for the first time, metadata is automatically generated and displayed for the current drawing.

When you select a resource from the Current Drawing tree view, or a file from the Folder Shortcut tree view, the available metadata for that resource is displayed in the Metadata Viewer.

Some metadata information can be generated for the following resources:

DWG files FDO file-based data FDO RDBMS-based data Web Services
DWGs that contain classified drawing objects SDF files Oracle Spatial WFS
DWGs that do not contain classified drawing objects SHP files MySQL with spatial WMS
  Raster files SDE  
    SQL Server with spatial  

Metadata for resources in the Current Drawing tree view are stored in the drawing file. Metadata for resources in the Folder Shortcut tree view are stored in an automatically generated MTD file. The MTD file is saved in the same directory as the resource.

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