Exercise 3: Explore the Data Portal - Intermap™

In this exercise, you view the data available from Intermap™.

To explore the Intermap data

  1. Close the NAVTEQ™ window and display the Geospatial Solutions page in your browser window.

    If you are not already at the Geospatial Solutions page, in your browser, go to http://www.autodesk.com/geodata.

  2. On the Geospatial Solutions page, click Go Now for Intermap.
  3. Click the Digital Elevation Models image to see information about DEM topographic layers.

    Intermap™ provides digital surface models, digital terrain models, orthorectified radar images, and color orthorectified radar images.

  4. Close the browser windows.

To continue this lesson, go to Exercise 4: Try out the sample data.