Exercise 2: Explore the Data Portal - NAVTEQ™

In this exercise, you view the data available from NAVTEQ™.

To explore the NAVTEQ data

  1. Close the DigitalGlobe® window and display the Geospatial Solutions page in your browser window.

    If you are not already at the Geospatial Solutions page, in your browser, go to http://www.autodesk.com/geodata.

  2. On the Geospatial Solutions page, click Go Now for NAVTEQ.
  3. Click the image of the city of Redding, California, to see the digital map.

    NAVTEQ™ street geometry includes street networks, block address ranges, a Point of Interest (POI) database, administrative area boundaries, railroads, hydrological data, and land use information.

  4. To try out some of the NAVTEQ data, click Download Free Sample and follow the directions on the screen.

To continue this lesson, go to Exercise 3: Explore the Data Portal - Intermap™.