Exercise 1: Explore the Data Portal - DigitalGlobe®

In this exercise, you visit the geodata portal and view the data available from DigitalGlobe®.®

To explore the DigitalGlobe data

  1. In your browser, go to http://www.autodesk.com/geodata.
  2. On the geodata site, click Go Now for DigitalGlobe.
  3. Click the image of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn, New York to see the high-resolution satellite photo.

    DigitalGlobe® has an exhaustive library of high-quality Earth imagery available for purchase.

  4. To try out some of the DigitalGlobe data, click Download Your Free Trial and follow the directions on the screen.

    Once you install DigitalGlobe and you start AutoCAD Map 3D, a new ImageConnect menu appears on the menu bar.

To continue this lesson, go to Exercise 2: Explore the Data Portal - NAVTEQ™.