Exercise 1: Publish to MapGuide

When you publish to Autodesk MapGuide, you create a web page containing a picture of your map. You must have rights to a MapGuide 2009 Server, which supports the new templates used in this exercise. To do this exercise, you must have credentials and write rights.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you modified in Lesson 4: Theme Polygon Features.

To publish to MapGuide

  1. Save the map.
  2. Click Publish Publish To MapGuide.
  3. In the Publish To MapGuide dialog box, specify the URL for the target website.

    If the site requires a password, a Connect to Site dialog box is displayed. Enter your user name and password.

  4. Select a folder for the published files.

    To create a folder, right-click the parent folder and click New Folder.

  5. Check both options (for overwriting existing resources and previewing the results).
  6. Click Publish.

    Once the publish operation is complete, the results appear in a browser window.

  7. On the Output tab, in the Publish panel click Publish To MapGuide.
  8. Connect to the website. Then right-click the map to view and click Open In Web Browser.

    Open the published map in a browser to see the results.

NoteYou can use tooltips to display information when the viewer holds the cursor over a particular area. Within Autodesk MapGuide Studio, you can create tooltips that display attribute values on the MapGuide web page when the viewer hovers over a parcel. For more information, see the Autodesk MapGuide Studio Help.

Where you are now

You published your map to Autodesk MapGuide, complete with joined data, calculated properties, styling, and attribute data. You viewed the resulting web page from within AutoCAD Map 3D.