Exercise 4: Examine the results

In this exercise, you examine the results of your split in the Data Table. The properties of the two resulting parcels are calculated automatically, using the rules you specified.

The theme for the Parcels layer updates to show the new parcels appropriately, reflecting the new values. The labels on the two new parcels update as well.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you created and modified in Exercise 3: Split the parcel.

To examine the results of the split

  1. In the Data Table, examine the attribute values for the new parcels.

    The Data Table now shows two parcels on Antigua Drive.

    The Data Table contains two new entries for the split parcels. The address is null because you specified “Empty” as the split value for this property.

  2. Right-click each new parcel and click Check In Feature.

Where you are now

You set up rules for splitting parcels and allocating property values to the resulting parcels. You used the Split command to divide one parcel into two uneven pieces. You examined the results in the Data Table.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 3: Use Joined Data to Create Calculated Properties.