Exercise 3: Join the ODBC data to the Parcels layer

After you connect to an external data source, you can join it to a layer in your map using the Data Table. (To join two data sources, they must share a common property). You can see the results of the join immediately.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you modified in Exercise 2: Connect to the Microsoft Access database.

To join the ODBC parcel data to the geospatial parcel layer

  1. In Display Manager, select the Parcels layer and click Table.
  2. At the bottom of the Data Table, click Options Create A Join.
  3. In the Create A Join dialog box, the Primary Table Initiating The Join entry reads SDF_1:Schema1:Parcels. For Table (Or Feature Class) To Join To, select the ODBC_1:Fdo:Assessor layer.
  4. For This Column From The Left Table, select APN.
  5. For Matches This Column From The Right Table, select APN (if it is not selected automatically).

    Leave the other settings with their current values.

  6. Click OK to display the original and joined data in the Data Table.
  7. Scroll to the right to see the owner information.
    NoteThe joined data values for the new parcel you created with the Split command are not accurate. The database that contains the joined data does not know about the change to the parcel, so it cannot provide the proper new data for it. Update the original data store independently to enter the data for the split parcels.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 4: Save the properties to a new data store.