Exercise 2: Bring in the parcel data

Now, add a layer that displays parcels within the city of Redding. This layer contains size, value, and address information about the parcels.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you created in Lesson 1: Connect to Parcel Data.

To add the parcel layer to the map

  1. In Display Manager, click Data Connect To Data.
  2. In the Data Connect window, under Data Connections By Provider, click Add SDF Connection.
  3. Click the file icon next to the Source File field and navigate to the folder containing the sample files.
  4. Select Assessor_Parcels.SDF and click Open.
  5. In the Data Connect window, click Connect.
  6. In the Data Connect window, click Add To Map.
  7. Close the Data Connect window.
  8. To see the data associated with this layer, select the Parcels layer in Display Manager and click Table.

    Scroll to the right to see all the columns of parcel data.

  9. Leave the Data Table open for the next exercise.

Where you are now

You connected to a data store containing parcel information. You viewed the geometry in your map and the attribute data in the Data Table.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 2: Split a Polygon Feature.