Exporting To ESRI Arc/INFO Coverages
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AutoCAD Map 3D supports Arc/INFO version 7.2, 7.3, and 8.x, and E00.

ESRI Arc/INFO stores coverages on your hard disk as a directory of files. The main coverage directory, called the workspace, always includes one subdirectory called INFO. Each coverage is written to its own subdirectory. If you do not have a coverage workspace on your computer, AutoCAD Map 3D creates one for you when you export to an ARC/INFO coverage.

Arc/INFO uses elevation values but they are stored in the coverage as a field in the attribute table. Select the Elevation property to export elevation.

When exporting, the exported file is stored in memory before it is written to the file. If you run into problems exporting a large drawing, increase the size of your virtual memory.

PC coverages are single precision. UNIX coverages can be single or double precision. AutoCAD Map 3D always exports double-precision coverages, although it does import single- or double-precision coverages.

Map objects such as arcs, splines, and circles are segmented in the coverage. You can change the settings used for segmentation by editing the mapimport.ini file.

Exporting Restrictions

When specifying a coverage name, use fewer than 14 characters and do not use periods in the name. If you use double-byte characters, you can use 6 or fewer characters.

If you specify a directory name that already exists and it contains a log or text file, those files may be overwritten.

Arc/INFO also supports a transfer format called E00 which writes all information out to a single file, which can become quite large.

When exporting text or mtext to Arc/Info Coverages, the resulting objects in the Coverage data are annotation. AutoCAD Map 3D does not support attribute data for annotation. As a result any data linked to text objects will be lost during the export process. The text value itself will be maintained.

Driver Options

When exporting to E00 or coverage format, you can set the following options:

Option Description
Coverage Precision Select Double or Single. The default is Double.
Compression (available only for E00) Select None, Partial, or Full.
Linear Topology Select Create or Bypass. The default is Create.
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