Exporting to ESRI ShapeFile
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AutoCAD Map 3D supports up to ArcView version 3.2 and 8.x.

About SHP Files

ESRI SHP files store both geometry and attributes (data) for features. A single shape can have as many as five physical files with the same filename, but different file extensions:


DWG files can contain multiple geometry types, while SHP files contain only one. Each ESRI SHP file stores a single type of spatial data: point, line, text, or polygon. The text SHP files contain attribute text associated with points.

When you export, AutoCAD Map 3D automatically filters the selected objects and exports the correct type of object to the corresponding SHP file. The filenames produced by the export operation use the name of the feature class followed by the geometry type, for example, PARCELS_POLYGON.SHP.

NoteYou cannot name a SHP feature class FeatId. This is a reserved name.

Export Options

You can export a single object to a single file, or you can export multiple objects to a set of files. There are two methods for multi-file export.

You can also export object data or external database links to the corresponding SHP database (DBF) file.

Export Restrictions

SHP files do not support color; in ArcView, each theme is assigned a color that is used when an item is drawn.

SHP files do not support circular arcs. During export, arcs, splines, and ellipses are converted to segmented polylines. You can change the settings used for segmentation.

Overwriting or Appending

If you export to an existing file, or to a folder containing files with the same names as those that will be generated by the export, you can choose to overwrite the existing data or append the new data to it. Overwriting can destroy existing files when it creates new ones. Appending adds the data in the current export operation to the existing data without deleting any existing data.

If you append and you are transforming the coordinate system for the data, the old data and the new data must both use the same source and target coordinate systems.

You cannot use the append option to update existing data, but only to add new data.

If you are using either the folder or the multi-file Shape option and you choose to append, AutoCAD Map 3D checks the target folder for existing files that use the same feature class name, even if those files do not have the appropriate geometry indicator in their file names. For example, exporting parcels would usually result in a file called PARCELS_POLYGON.SHP. However, if the folder contains PARCELS.SHP, AutoCAD Map 3D checks its geometry type and appends to it if it contains polygon information.

NoteIf your data meets these criteria but the export operation fails, try deleting the .prj file in the target folder and then retrying the export operation.

Driver Options

When exporting to SHP, you can select two Dimension Shape Files or three Dimension Shape Files from the driver options.

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