Exporting To MapInfo MIF/MID
Concept Procedure

MIF/MID is a file standard used by MapInfo, a desktop mapping system. AutoCAD Map 3D supports MapInfo up to version 7 MIF/MID files.

About MapInfo MIF/MID Files

MapInfo MIF/MID format stores both geometry and attributes (data) for features, and is a set of two physical files that work together:


The MIF/MID format does not support ellipses with an angled bounding box (for example, ellipses whose axes are at an angle to the X and Y axes), so when you export such ellipses from AutoCAD Map 3D to MIF/MID, they are segmented. To change the settings AutoCAD Map 3D uses for segmentation, edit the mapexport.ini file.

Driver Options

MapInfo MIF/MID has no export driver options.

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