Exporting To VML (Vector Markup Language)
Concept Procedure

AutoCAD Map 3D supports VML (Vector Markup Language). VML, which is written using the XML syntax, is a text-based markup language used for describing vector graphics. VML is an export-only format.


When you export to VML format, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a single HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file with the VML data contained in the <body> region of the HTML.

When you export objects, be sure that the objects have a color that will be visible on the target page. For example, if you are exporting to a page with a white background, be sure that the objects themselves are not white.

You can specify the following attributes for VML objects:

VML Attribute Description
vml_title The title of the feature that may be displayed by the VML viewer. (The title appears as a ToolTip when the user places their mouse over the feature. Range: string Default: none
vml_url The URL to jump to if this feature is clicked. Range: string Default: none
vml_target The target frame in the URL. Range: string Default: none
vml_z_index The z-index of the feature in the output VML file. Positive numbers are in front of the screen; negative numbers are behind the screen. Features having a higher z-index obscure features with a lower z-index. Range: integer Default: 0 for vml_polygon features 10 for vml_polyline features 11 for vml_point features 12 for vml_text features

Driver Options

VML has no export driver options.