Working with Oracle Data
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AutoCAD Map 3D, supports Oracle versions 10gr2, 11g, and XE. You can create and edit an Oracle data store and schema, and you can access existing spatial schemas in Oracle that were created by other applications. Oracle has comprehensive support for all the data types and operations that AutoCAD Map 3D supports, including spatial index, long transaction, and persistent locking.

Before you add features to an Oracle data store, make sure your user privileges for that Oracle data store are adequate and appropriate, and that the data in that data store is accurate and current.

You can add a user for an Oracle data store using a utility provided with AutoCAD Map 3D.

What Oracle Schemas Support

An Oracle schema can support the following:

Restrictions of Oracle Schemas

When you create an Oracle schema, the following restrictions apply:

Version Enabling

The Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle included with AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 creates tables in the FDO data store that are not automatically version-enabled. Therefore, when you create a new Oracle data store using the default options, the resulting table is not version-enabled, so persistent locking and long transaction are not supported. (This differs from previous releases.)

Oracle Workspace Manager (OWM) is used for versioning and persistent locking support.

NoteVersioning and persistent locking are not available with the Oracle XE version.
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