Working with ESRI ArcSDE Data
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You can connect through ArcSDE to an underlying Oracle or SQL Server database. You can insert, select, update, and delete feature data in existing ArcSDE schemas. You cannot create or modify an ArcSDE schema in AutoCAD Map 3D.

AutoCAD Map 3D supports ArcSDE 9.1 and 9.2. To work with ArcSDE, you must install ArcSDE 9.1 and a supported data source, such as Oracle 9i, in the network.

Install the following DLL files on the computer on which you run AutoCAD Map 3D:

For version 9.1 For version 9.2
pe91.dll pe.dll
sde91.dll sde.dll
sg91.dll sg.dll

For instructions on installing the DLL files and setting up your hosts and services files for ArcSDE, see Bringing In Features from ArcSDE.

The PATH environment variable must reference the local folder containing these DLLs. To accomplish this, you can install an ArcGIS 9.1 Desktop application or the ArcSDE SDK. For more information about ArcGIS 9.1 Desktop applications and the ArcSDE SDK, refer to the ESRI documentation.

What ESRI ArcSDE Schemas Support

AutoCAD Map 3D uses facilities provided by ArcSDE for long transaction versioning and persistent locking. (ArcSDE supports one or the other, but not both, on the same class). AutoCAD Map 3D uses the standard ArcSDE API and ArcSDE-supported storage on both the Oracle and SQL Server platforms. AutoCAD Map 3D does not use FDO metadata for ArcSDE schema—it uses existing metadata only.

Restrictions of ArcSDE Schemas

If ArcSDE encounters curved segments, it converts them to a series of line segments that approximate the original arc segment (an approximation of the original geometry).

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