Publish to a Georeferenced DWF

DWF (Design Web Format) is an open, secure file format developed by Autodesk for sharing engineering design data.

When you publish to DWF, you create an electronic version of the map that can be displayed using Autodesk Design Review. Download Design Review from the Autodesk web site for free. Go to

The DWF format can include attribute data and graphical elements, including any draped raster files. All layers and styles are published, with no loss of information.

If you assigned a coordinate system to all the maps in your DWF file, the publishing operation automatically converts the coordinate information to latitude/longitude coordinates. GPS devices that use the NMEA 0183 protocol and Autodesk DWF Viewer can use the georeferencing information, for example, to pan and center maps dynamically.

Create your map.
Use specific paper sizes, pens, and resolution settings for better publishing results.
Publishing Attribute Data to DWFSpecify attribute data to include in the published DWF
Include object data, classification data, feature source attributes, joined data, and linked records.
Create a georeferenced DWF file. You must publish, and not plot, to get the georeferencing information.
Review and mark up the map in Design Review
Use the opendwfmarkup command to find and select the markup drawing.