Working with ODBC Data
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To set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for your ODBC data store, you add a DSN in Windows. The configuration options you specify depend on the type of ODBC data store you use. The login ID and password you enter when setting up your DSN are used only for defining the DSN, and not when you connect with the ODBC provider through FDO.

NoteFor MySQL, be sure to install the MySQL driver from MyODBC 3.51 at

What ODBC Schemas Support

For ODBC, AutoCAD Map 3D supports point geometry, with X, Y, and optionally, Z columns for defining points. Although the default column names are X, Y, and Z, when you select the columns to represent these points, you must override the defaults. Because this information is stored in the map file itself, if you perform the same steps in another map, you will need to override the settings again.

In some cases, ODBC schemas support default values.

Restrictions of ODBC Schemas

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