To work with ODBC data
Concept Procedure

To set up an ODBC data store for use with AutoCAD Map 3D

  1. From your Windows desktop, click Start menu Settings Control Panel and open the Administrative Tools control panel.
  2. Double-click Data Sources (ODBC).
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select a driver.
    • For a SQL Server data store, use the SQL Server or SQL Native Client driver. Specify either Windows NT or SQL Server, and select the default database that matches yours.
    • For an Oracle provider, do not use the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver because it is incompatible with AutoCAD Map 3D. Instead, use the driver installed with the Oracle client.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Specify the DSN information.
    • For a MySQL Server data store, specify the Data Source Name, Server, User, Password, and Database.
    • For an Oracle provider, specify the Data Source Name, the TNS Service Name (the service to which you are connecting), and the User ID (the database to access). The User ID predefines the tables available in AutoCAD Map 3D (it is the equivalent of the OWNER field in an Oracle metaschema). If you do not specify it here, the entire schema of the Oracle instance (based on your user privileges) is used. It is case sensitive and should match the value in the Oracle instance (all uppercase is the usual case). This process can take several minutes, depending on your Oracle instance.
  7. Under Database, click Select and select the data store to use.
  8. Click OK in the Select Database and ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog boxes.
  9. In the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box, select the new data source and click Configure.
  10. Specify the appropriate configuration options for your data store type:
    • For SQL Server, some column data types (for example, nchar) can cause a failure when connecting to the SQL Server, because they are converted to unsupported formats by the ODBC driver.
    • For a MySQL Server data store, some column types can return the wrong length and prevent the ODBC provider from reporting the column. To resolve this, check Don't Optimize Column Width.
    • For a Microsoft Excel schemas, you must specify at least one named range. You can then expose different named ranges in the worksheet as different ODBC tables. Also, the ODBC tables map to FDO classes.

To set up a database range for Excel

  1. Open the Excel worksheet.
  2. Select all the data in the worksheet.
  3. Define a named range for all the data in the table.

    Do not use DATABASE or any other reserved word as a range name.

To work with ODBC data