Map Information dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the types of information to include when publishing to DWF™.

To publish attribute data to DWF

In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Output tabExport To DWF/PDF panelDWF/PDF Options (MAPDWFOPTIONS).

Publish Map Information

Select this option to include checked items in the list in the publish operation. If you clear the Publish Map Information box, the options remain checked, but they are not included in the publish operation.Check Publish Map Information again to include them.

Properties tree

Select items to include in the publish operation. Expand a category to see its layers, and expand a layer to see its objects. If you select an item with sub-items, all the sub-items are automatically checked. Categories listed here vary, depending on the contents of your map.

File icon

Specify the file for the properties.

Folder icon

Find a saved properties file to load.

NoteIf you assigned a coordinate system to your map, it is always included for each sheet in your published DWF file, unless you clear the Export Map Properties check box.