AutoCAD Map 3D comes with predefined workspaces. Each workspace organizes and displays commands and toolbars differently. You can switch between the following workspaces:

You can customize any workspace, specifying the contents of the ribbon tabs, keyboard shortcuts, and how the mouse buttons behave.

To select a workspace

  1. Click the workspace entry in the status bar.

  2. Select the workspace most appropriate for your work.
    • If you are familiar with the AutoCAD ribbon interface, select Tool-based Ribbon Workspace.

      The tutorials assume that you use the Tool-based Ribbon workspace unless otherwise noted.

    • If you work mainly with AutoCAD Map 3D, select Task-based Ribbon Workspace.
    • Those familiar with older versions of AutoCAD Map 3D might prefer Map Classic. However, commands added in recent releases are not available from the menus in this workspace.

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