Exercise 3: View styles at different zoom levels

Zoom to different scales in your map to see the different line styles.

NoteThis exercise uses the BuildMap1.dwg map you created and modified in the previous exercises.

To see the styles at different zoom levels

  1. In the BuildMap1.dwg file, use the Zoom Window tool to zoom in so you can see the labels and the composite lines. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click View tabNavigate panelZoom drop-downWindow.
    TipThe smaller you draw the zoom window, the larger the magnification.
  2. Zoom out to see thinner black lines for the roads.
  3. Zoom out even farther until the roads are not displayed.
  4. Save your map.

Where you are now

In the map, the roads are themed to display appropriately at different zoom levels.

At a scale of 1:10000, the roads display the composite style.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 4: Create Map Features