Exercise 2: Filter the Data Table

Filter the Data Table to show a subset of parcels—in this case, only parcels on Villa Drive.

NoteThis exercise uses the BuildMap1.dwg map you created and modified in the previous exercises.

To filter the Data Table

  1. In the Data Table, in the Filter By list, select the STNAME field and enter VILLA DR into the field.

    The field is case sensitive, so be sure to enter all capital letters. Do not spell out the word “Drive.”

  2. Click Apply Filter to show only parcels on Villa Drive.

    Use the Data Table to filter the parcels you see.

  3. Make sure Auto-Zoom is on.

    This button is a darker color when it is on; otherwise, it is the same color as the window.

  4. Click in the dark-gray, left-most field for a parcel to select that parcel.
    NoteScroll the Data Table to the left to see the left-most fields.

    AutoCAD Map 3D zooms to the selected parcel.

  5. Make a note of the number in the Autogenerated_SDF_ID field, because you will need it again later.
  6. Close the Data Table.
    NoteYou can do a more sophisticated search. Click Home tabData panelSearch. At the Command prompt, enter mapsearch. That option lets you query a layer with a Boolean condition—for example, ACRES > 1 to find parcels that are larger than an acre. The map then shows only the objects that match your query.
  7. Save your map, but leave it open for the next lesson.

Where you are now

You used the Data Table to zoom to a parcel.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 6: Edit Objects