Exercise 2: Update information for the edited feature

Use the Data Table to find the entry for the parcel you edited, and change its information. When you edit a feature (whether in the map or in the Data Table), you automatically check it out. Check in the feature to update its source with your changes.

NoteThis exercise uses the BuildMap1.dwg map you created and modified in the previous exercises.

To edit the feature information

  1. Redisplay the Data Table for the Parcels layer.

    Select the Parcels layer and click Table, or right-click the Parcels layer and click Show Data Table.

  2. In the Data Table, select Autogenerated_SDF_ID from the Filter By list and enter the parcel ID number you noted earlier (the one you just edited).
  3. Click Apply Filter to filter the list and see the parcel entry.
  4. Change the area of the parcel and close the Data Table.
  5. Update the information in the data source. Click Feature Edit tabEdit Set panelCheck In. At the Command prompt, enter MAPCheckinAll.

    The information is now available to other users.

  6. Save your map.

Where you are now

You edited a parcel and updated its data to reflect your changes. You checked in the feature to update the source file.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 7: Create a Legend