Hillshade Settings dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the settings for shading applied to raster-based surfaces in AutoCAD Map 3D.

To specify hillshading settings

Click Analyze tabFeature panelSurface Hillshade. At the Command prompt, enter maphillshade.

The Hillshade Settings dialog box includes the following options:


Specify the direction from which the light should come, for example, East or West. Enter a direction value into the edit box, drag the yellow disk in the compass to the position you want, or use Settings.


Specify how high in the sky the light is located, such as near the horizon, directly overhead, or somewhere in between. Enter an angle into the edit box, drag the yellow disk to specify an angle, or use Settings.

Date, Time, Location Settings

Click to specify sun settings in the Sun Properties palette using date, time and location. Then, redisplay the Hillshade Settings dialog box and click Import.


Click to import changes you made using Settings.