Horizontal Coordinate System Definition Editor (FGDC Metadata)
NoteInformation about each field is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box when you click in the field.

The Horizontal Coordinate System Definition section is conditional overall. The requirements for elements and compound elements within the definition assume you will include it.

To edit a compound metadata element

In the Display Manager, select a layer. Click Tools View Metadata.

FGDC Field ID Field Title Short Name Data Type
4.1 Horizontal coordinate system horizsys Compound
4.1.1 Geographic geograph Compound Latitude resolution latres Real number Longitude resolution longres Real number Geographic coordinate units geogunit Menu choice
4.1.2 Planar planar Compound Map projection name mapprojn Menu choice Standard parallel stdparll Real number Longitude of central meridian longcm Real number Latitude of projection origin latprjo Real number False easting feast Real number False northing fnorth Real number Scale factor at equator sfequat Real number Height of perspective point above surface heightpt Real number Longitude of projection center longpc Real number Latitude of projection center latprjc Real number Scale factor at center line sfctrlin Real number Oblique line azimuth obqlazim Compound Azimuthal angle azimangl Real number Azimuth measure point longitude azimptl Real number Oblique line point obqlpt Compound Oblique line latitude obqllat Real number Oblique line longitude obqllong Real number Straight vertical longitude from pole svlong Real number Scale factor at projection origin sfprjorg Real number Landsat number landsat Integer Path number pathnum Integer Scale factor at central meridian sfctrmer Real number Grid coordinate system gridsys Compound Grid coordinate system name gridsysn Menu choice Universal transverse mercator (UTM) utm Compound UTM zone number utmzone Integer Universal polar stereographic (UPS) ups Compound UPS zone identifier upszone Menu choice State plane coordinate system (SPCS) spcs Compound SPCS zone identifier spcszone String ARC coordinate system arcsys Compound ARC system zone identifier arczone Integer Other grid system’s definition othergrd String Local planar localp Compound Local planar description localpd String Local planar georeference information localpgi String Planar coordinate information planci Compound Planar coordinate encoding method plance Choose one of three Coordinate pair coordrep Compound Abscissa resolution absres Real number Ordinate resolution ordres Real number Distance and bearing distbrep Real number Distance resolution distres Real number Bearing resolution bearres Real number Bearing units bearunit Menu choice Bearing reference direction bearrefd Menu choice Bearing reference meridian bearrefm Menu choice Planar distance units plandu Menu choice
4.1.3 Local local Compound Local description localdes String Local georeference information localgeo String
4.1.4 Geodetic model geodetic Compound Horizontal datum name horizdn Menu choice Ellipsoid name ellips Menu choice Semi-major axis semiaxis Real number Denominator of flattening ratio denflat Real number