Standard Order Process Editor (FGDC Metadata)
NoteInformation about each field is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box when you click in the field.

To edit a compound metadata element

In the Display Manager, select a layer. Click Tools View Metadata.

FGDC Field ID Field Title Short Name Data Type
6.4.3 Fees fees String
6.4.4 Ordering instructions ordering String
6.4.5 Turnaround turnaround String
6.4 Standard order process stdorder Choose one of two
6.4.1 Non-digital form option nondig String Format name formname Menu choice Specification formspec String Format version number formvern String Format version date formverd Date Transfer size transize Real number Online option collection onlinopt Compound Computer contact information computer Choose one of two Network address networka Compound Network resource name networkr String Dialup instructions dialinst Compound Lowest bps lowbps Integer Highest bps highbps Integer Number databits numdata Integer Number stopbits numstop Integer Parity parity Menu choice Compression support compress Menu choice Dialup telephone dialtel String Dialup file name dialfile String Access instructions accinstr String Online computer and operating system oncomp String Offline option collection offoptn Compound Offline media offmedia Menu choice Recording density recden Real number Recording density units recdenu String Recording format recfmt String Compatibility information compat String