Bring in a subset of features using a query

Querying data is a fundamental GIS skill. There is usually an enormous amount of source data available, whether it is in a set of attached DWG files, or in a database. Typically, you want to work with only a small subset of it. You limit the data that you have to work on by running a query. The query finds the data you specify and brings it into the current drawing.

Sometimes you may want to bring in all the data in a certain geographic area by drawing a rectangle or a circle on your base map. This is called a location-based query (shown in the center of the illustration below).

For other tasks, the data you want is a single feature class, such as all parcels, and sometimes it is a more specific subset, such as all parcels with value greater than a certain amount. These are called property-based queries (shown on the right in the illustration below).


In AutoCAD Map 3D, you can run queries to bring in data from a set of attached DWG files, or from virtually any FDO-accessed data store: