Check out features to edit in the field and update the database later

You may want to edit data in the field, at the actual work site, and then update the central database with your changes when you return to the office. If you have a copy of AutoCAD Map 3D on a laptop computer, you can work “offline” in this way. The central database can be a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, or it can be a file-based data store, such as SDF or SHP. The process works in exactly the same way for all data that you access using the FDO providers in the Data Connect dialog box.

To work offline, you first check out the features you want to work on. AutoCAD Map 3D makes a local copy of the features. You can then disconnect from your network and make your edits at the work site. Later, when you reconnect to the network with your edits, you can synchronize those changes with the central database.


The first demonstration shows how you prepare to edit a set of features (in this case, storm-drain pipes) in the field. You check out the features and then go offline.

Show me how to check out features for editing in the field

The second demonstration shows how you return those pipe features to the database after editing. You go online and then check in the features.

Show me how to check in features after editing in the field