Overview of Working with Features
Concept Procedure

When you connect to a geospatial data source and add it to your map, you can see and edit the feature data. Features must be checked out to be edited. By default, features are automatically checked out upon editing.

You can use most AutoCAD editing commands to edit feature data. For some of the more advanced commands, you can use Update Feature Geometry to convert a GIS feature to pure AutoCAD geometry. Once you have done this, you can use these other AutoCAD commands, and then update the feature without losing or affecting any of its attributes.

You can also create features from AutoCAD geometry. This gives you the same functionality as Update Feature Geometry, but it creates a new feature rather than changing an existing one.

Working in a Multiuser Environment

If you share data in a multiuser environment, be aware of the locking status of the following providers.

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