Publishing a Map to DWF
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When you publish to DWF, you create an electronic version of the map that can be displayed using Autodesk® Design Review, which you can download from the Autodesk Design Review page on the Autodesk website.

Autodesk Design Review includes the ability to measure, add redline markups, define, and place custom stamps and symbols, convert DWG files to DWF, convert raster image formats to DWF, add/remove/reorder DWF sheets to create custom packages, define and save new 3D views, and more.

Publishing Georeferenced DWFs

As long as you have assigned a coordinate system to all the maps in your DWF file, the publishing operation automatically converts the coordinate information to latitude/longitude coordinates. Autodesk Design Review 2008 can automatically navigate to a specific location when you enter coordinates, and displays coordinates of any location in the map when you move your mouse over that location. When your computer is integrated with a GPS device, field workers can center the map to the coordinates provided by the integrated GPS device on your system, and display the “my coordinates” icon within the map. GPS devices must use the NMEA 0183 protocol. Earlier versions of the DWF Viewer do not support georeferenced DWFs. For product information and a free trial version, refer to the Autodesk Design Review page on the Autodesk website.

NoteUse the Publish command FROM Model space to create a georeferenced DWF file. Plotting to DWF will not work, and publishing from Layout space will not work.
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