Publishing a Map to DWF
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To publish a map to DWF

  1. Save the map.
  2. Prepare the map for publishing to DWF. See Preparing a Map for Publishing to DWF.
  3. Click Publish.
    NoteDo not choose an option from the Publish submenu. Click the word Publish in the application menu.
  4. In the Publish dialog box, click the DWF file option under Publish To.
  5. Set publishing options and click Publish.
  6. In the Select DWF File dialog box, specify the name and location for the DWF output and click Select.
  7. Indicate whether to save the current sheet set for future publishing operations.

    The status area shows the progress of the publishing operation. When it is complete, a pop-up message lists the details of the job, including any warnings or errors that occurred.

NoteIf you are creating a georeferenced DWF and want to use it with a GPS-enabled device, set the GPS device for NMEA output and WGS84 coordinates. If you are not sure how to do this, review the documentation that came with your GPS device.