Preparing a Map for Publishing to DWF
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To prepare a map for publishing to DWF

  1. Display and set up the layout you plan to use for your publishing job.

    A layout is an AutoCAD paper space environment where you can specify the size of your sheet, add a title block, display multiple views, and create dimensions and notes for your map. For more information about creating or editing a layout, see Create Multiple-View Drawing Layouts (Paper Space) in the AutoCAD Help.

  2. Choose any attributes to include with the published DWF.
  3. Save the map.
  4. Click Publish.
    NoteDo not choose an option from the Publish submenu. Click the word Publish in the application menu.
  5. In the Publish dialog box, do any of the following:
    • For each item in the Sheets to Publish list, click in the Page Setup/3D DWF field and choose or import a layout from the drop-down list. Make sure the Status column shows no errors. To exclude a sheet from the publish operation, right-click it and choose Remove.
      NoteBy default, the model space view and the two default layout views are included in the list. You can change the settings for the sheets that are automatically included by clearing the check boxes under Include When Adding Sheets. You can also save the current sheet list and reload it for future publishing jobs.
    • To specify publishing options, click Publish Options.

      To specify the attributes or object data to publish with this map, scroll down to Map Options and click in the field. To use your DWF Publishing settings, this field must be set to “Include.” To view or change the settings, click the button labeled “...” Make sure that the Publish Map Information box in the DWF Publishing Options dialog box is checked. Otherwise, the coordinate system is not included in the publish operation.

      To publish each display layer in your map to a separate layer in the DWF, click in the Layer Information field under DWF Data Options and change it to Include. Design Review can display each resulting layer independently. Each DWF layer has the same name as its Display Manager layer, but if multiple layers share the same name, the DWF layer will have _1 appended to the first duplicate name, _2 to the second, and so on.

    • Click the DWF file option under Publish To.
    • Change any other publishing options as desired. For information about these options, click Help.
  6. Publish the map to DWF.