Working with SQL Server Spatial Data
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Use SQL Server Spatial to connect to Microsoft® SQL Server™ Spatial data stores, and to read, create, and edit schemas for SQL Server Spatial data stores.

AutoCAD Map 3D supports SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication for SQL Server Spatial data stores. The FDO User is mapped to the SQL Server login. Grant access to the databases whose data you want to use.

SQL Server Spatial includes two spatial data types: geometry and geography. Geography is used for geodetic data, such as latitude/longitude data. Geometry is meant for all other spatial data. The two spatial data types support similar operations.

Geometric properties have a Geometry or Geography column, depending on the coordinate system of the associated spatial context for the property. If the coordinate system is geodetic, it has a Geography column. Otherwise, it has a Geometry column. A coordinate system is Geodetic if its “well known text” (WKT) starts with GEOGCS.

What SQL Server Spatial Schemas Support

A SQL Server schema can support the following:

Restrictions of SQL Server Spatial Schemas

When you create a SQL Server schema, the following restrictions apply:

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