Extend Functionality Using Open Source and API

Extensibility Using Open Source

With the power of FDO Data Access Technology, you can take advantage of the open source world. FDO extends data access. Third party and open source FDO providers support data stores not currently supported by Autodesk. (For example, there are FDO providers for ESRI Personal Geodatabase and PostGIS).

To make it easier for developers to extend capabilities of FDO, Autodesk released FDO as an open source project. Check the http://fdo.osgeo.org site. The open source project is under the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) http://www.osgeo.org. This initiative enables developers all over the world to tap into powerful geospatial data access technology.

Robust API

AutoCAD Map 3D comes with robust .NET application programming interfaces (APIs) that organizations can use to create custom tools and automate common procedures. AutoCAD Map 3D and Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise software share a unified geospatial API, as well as unified FDO data access technology. Use these tools to build custom applications that share business logic and common code.