View and Edit Attribute Data

Attribute data is non-geometry data about a drawing object or feature. For example, a drawing of parcels can have attribute data that lists the owner and improvements for each parcel.

For drawing objects, you can do the following:

For geospatial feature data, you can do the following:

Data Table

Use the Data Table to highlight data for specific features in your map. AutoCAD Map 3D maintains the link between spatial data and attribute data; when you update the attribute data, the updates are dynamically reflected in your drawing.

The Data Table displays geometry and attribute data for a feature. You can search and theme features based on any data in the feature source.

Data View

To link attribute data to drawing objects, attach the database to the current map. Then use a link template to connect the data to the objects.

Link attribute data to drawing objects, then highlight objects in your map by selecting the linked data in the table.

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