Organize Data

Organize objects in your drawing by the real-world features that they represent (for example, roads, parcels, cables, or water pipes).

Object Classification for Drawing Objects

When you create an object using object classification, the object automatically takes its properties and values from its object class. Classification maintains consistency and establishes standards in your drawing.

The Object Class tab of the Properties palette displays the properties associated with the class of the selected object.

If you are an AutoCAD Map 3D subscriber, you can download free industry-specific toolkits. These toolkits fast-track the classification process. To enroll in or visit the Subscription Center, click in the InfoCenter area at the top right of the application window.

Feature Classes for Geospatial Data

FDO features use schemas to define their feature classes and feature properties. A schema is a set of feature classes. Each feature class has properties that describe its members.

You can do the following with feature classes:

Use the Schema Editor to create or edit properties in a feature class.

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