Exercise 1: Set DWF publishing options

Set the options that control the information published with the map.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you modified in the previous lesson.

To set DWF options

  1. If you closed the map file from the previous exercise, reopen it.
  2. Click Output tabExport To DWF/PDF panelDWF Options. At the Command prompt, enter mapdwfoptions.
  3. Select the Publish Map Information check box.
  4. Expand the GIS Feature Sources item to see what is included.

    If you expand the list all the way, you can see the properties associated with the features in this map.

  5. Check the GIS Feature Sources item.

    All subitems are automatically checked.

    The Map Information dialog box determines which data is published to DWF

    Optionally, you can select just a subset of the properties.

  6. Click OK.

    The first time you set these options, specify a name and location for the publishing settings. In subsequent publishing sessions, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the last settings file you used.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Set background publishing options.