Exercise 1: Change the printer/plotter for the template

Open an existing map book template and begin customizing it by specifying your printer or plotter.

NoteThis information is used every time you publish your map book to a plotter. You cannot change these settings at print time.

To assign a printer or plotter to a map book template

  1. Open the 8.5x11 map book template.
    • Click Open Drawing.
    • Change Files Of Type to Drawing Template (*.DWT).

      AutoCAD Map 3D automatically changes to the Template folder.

    • Scroll about halfway down the list of templates.
    • Select Map Book Template - 8.5x11 Classic.dwt.
    • Click Open.

      Scroll halfway down the list of templates and select the first map book template.

  2. If necessary, zoom out to see the entire template. Click View tabNavigate panelZoom drop-downExtents. At the Command prompt, enter zoom.
  3. Right-click the layout tab labeled Ansi_A and select Page Setup Manager to specify plotter and paper information.

    Right-click the layout tab for the map book and choose Page Setup Manager.

  4. In the Page Setups list, select *Ansi_A* and click Modify.
  5. Select one of the DWF plotter choices from the Name list.
  6. Change any other settings you like.
  7. Click OK and then Close.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Resize the main viewport