Note This command must be used with at least one feature.

Use this command to merge features and assign feature property values for resulting features.

When you merge features, the resulting feature property values are determined by rules you specify in the Split and Merge Rules dialog box.

To merge features

Click Feature Edit tabSplit/Merge panelMerge Feature. At the Command prompt, enter mapfeaturemerge.

Respond to the prompts:

Select features to merge:

Select at least two objects to merge, one of which must be a feature. Press ENTER when you are done selecting the feature or features you want to merge.

Specify Feature ID for use [Select/New] <Select>:

Specify whether you want to select the feature that has the feature ID you want to use or you want to create a new feature ID.


Select the feature that has the ID to use for the merged feature.


Create a new feature ID for the merged feature.