Note This command applies only to geospatial features, and not to drawing objects.

Use this command to split features and assign feature property values for resulting features.

When you split a feature, the resulting feature property values are determined by rules you specify in the Split and Merge Rules dialog box.

You can set defaults for the split prompts in the Feature Editing Options dialog box. You can also turn off two of the prompts, so that split operations use the values set in that dialog box instead.

To split a feature

Click Feature Edit tabSplit/Merge panelSplit Feature. At the Command prompt, enter mapfeaturesplit.

Respond to the prompts:

Select one or more linear or polygonal features to split:

Select one or more linear or polygonal features in your map to split. Press ENTER when you are done selecting the feature or features you want to split.

Create a new or multi-part [New/Multipart] feature:

Specify whether you want the feature or features split into two or more than two features.


Creates two new features.


Creates multiple features.

Generate new feature ID or use existing [New/Existing] <New>:

Specify whether you want the new feature to use the existing feature ID or a new one.

Would you like to Draw or Select the line for split? [Select/Draw]:

Select or draw a split line. If you use a polyline as your split line, make sure it intersects with feature geometry you are splitting. You can also used a closed polyline.

If you use a polygon (or mpolygon) to split a feature, the part that falls outside of the polygon becomes one feature, and the part that falls inside the polygon becomes another feature.