Use this command to specify whether features are checked out as AutoCAD drawing objects or as geospatial features.

To check out features

Feature Editing Options dialog box

These settings determine how you work with your data.

Features checked out as AutoCAD drawing objects Features checked out as geospatial features

Allows you to use many common ACAD editing commands

Allows you to use some common ACAD editing commands in addition to geospatial feature-specific editing commands (for example, MAPFEATURESPLIT and MAPFEATUREMERGE)

Edited features represented as AutoCAD geometries (for example, closed polylines are used to represent polygonal features)

Edited features are represented as geospatial geometries (for example, MAPPOLYGONS).

Most existing custom or third-party editing applications (LISP, VB or ObjectARX) should continue to work. Some may require minor updates.

Supports multipart (multipolygons, multilines, and multipoints) geospatial features and editing, such as the Hawaiian islands.

Some existing AutoCAD Map 3D editing commands will continue to work on features (for example, rubbersheeting [ADERSHEET]).

Preserves and allows you to edit M and Z values.

Allows you to use feature styling.

Allows you to use feature styling.