Data Table and Data View

Data Table displays geospatial features in a tabular format. Data View displays external data linked to drawing objects.

Data Table

Use the Data Table to highlight data for specific features and objects in your map. AutoCAD Map 3D maintains the link between spatial data and attribute data; when you update the attribute data, the updates are dynamically reflected in your drawing.

The Data Table displays geometry and attribute data for a feature. You can search and theme features based on any data in the feature source.

To display the Data Table

  1. Select a feature layer in the Display Manager.
  2. Click Table.

Data View

Using the Data View, you can sort and filter the external database records linked to drawing objects. In addition, if you open the table in Edit mode, you can edit the data in the database table.

Data View displays external data linked to a drawing

To use the Data View

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