Filtering Features When You Add Them to a Map
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To filter feature data when you add it to a map

  1. Connect to the data source in the Data Connect window.
  2. Under Add Data To Map, check the layers to add.

    If this feature source contains only a single feature class, that feature class is selected automatically. If it contains multiple feature classes, you can right-click any of them and select Select All or Select None.

  3. Click the Add To Map down arrow and select Add To Map With Query to create your expression.

    The list of layers at the top of the window shows any existing filters for the selected layers. If the layers use a common query (specifying a property that all the layers have in common), that query is listed separately. Any query you create applies to all selected layers.

  4. Create the expression for your query.

    For help with any expression element, see Creating Expressions - Reference.

    • To filter the layer based on one of its properties (for example, to add only the parcels whose Address property specifies a particular street), create a query that evaluates a property.

      If multiple layers are selected, only the properties they have in common are available.

    • To filter the layer based on location (for example, to bring in only roads within a circle you define by drawing it on the map), create a location-based query.