Exercise 1: Classify the signal objects

Begin by classifying the objects in the Classify_Signals drawing.

NoteThis exercise uses the Classify_Signals.dwg file you worked with in Exercise 3: Add object classes to the definition file.

To classify the signal objects

  1. If the Classify_Signals drawing is not already open in AutoCAD Map 3D, open it.
  2. Click Create tabDrawing Object panelSelect Unclassified. At the Command prompt, enter mapselectunclassified.

    Select the unclassified objects so you can add them to an object class.

  3. Press Enter to select all unclassified objects.

  4. Right-click the Signals object class in Map Explorer in the Task pane and click Classify Objects.

    Classify the selected objects if they meet the criteria of the object class.

  5. Leave both boxes checked in the Classify Objects dialog box and click OK.

  6. To check that the objects were properly classified, press Esc to clear the selection. In the Map Explorer tab of the Task pane, right-click the Signals object class and click Select Classified Objects.

    All the signals are selected.

  7. Press Esc again to clear the selection, and then click a single signal to select it.
  8. Right-click the selected signal and click Properties.
  9. On the Properties palette, click the Object Class tab and examine the properties.

    Examine the properties for members of the Signals object class.

  10. Save and close Classify_Signals.dwg.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Classify roads and parcels.