Exercise 3: Query in objects

Use a Draw Query to query in the drawing objects from the three attached drawings to add them to the map.

NoteThis exercise uses the map you created in Exercise 1: Create a map.

To query in the objects

  1. On the Map Explorer tab of the Task pane, double-click Current Query.
  2. In the Define Query Of Attached Drawings dialog box, under Query Type, do the following:
    • Click Location.
    • Make sure Boundary Type is set to All.
    • Click OK.
    • Under Query Mode, select Draw.

      Query in objects from the attached drawings.

    • Click Execute Query.
  3. Click View tabNavigate panelZoom drop-downExtents. At the Command prompt, enter zoom. The map is centered on the data.
  4. Name and save the map.
    • Click Save.
    • Navigate to the folder where your tutorial data is stored.
    • Name the map file ObjectClass.dwg.
    • Click Save.

Where you are now

You created a new map that uses the object class definition file you defined. You queried in objects to the new map.

To continue this tutorial, go to Lesson 5: Create and Edit Objects Using Object Classes.