Node Objects dialog box (Node topology)
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.

Use this dialog box to select the nodes to include in the topology when you create a topology.

To create a topology

Click Create tabTopology panelNew. At the Command prompt, enter maptopocreate.

Node information is stored as object data and saved with the map. Each node is given a unique ID number, which is automatically processed whenever you use a topology command.

Select Automatically/Manually options
  • Select all objects that meet the object type and filter criteria automatically.
  • Select objects for the topology by hand. Click Select to select objects.
Filter Selected Objects

If this option is selected, only objects that are on the specified layers or blocks are selected. The filters are used for both automatic and manual selection of objects.

If this option is not selected, the filters are ignored.

Layer Filters box

Specify which layers to search for objects to be used for the topology.

Enter an asterisk (*) to search all layers.

To select from a list of layers, click Layers.

Block Filters box

Specify which blocks to search for objects to be used for the topology.

  • To search all blocks, enter an asterisk (*).
  • To select from a list of block definitions in the drawing set, click Blocks.
  • To select point objects, enter ACAD_POINT.