Header/Footer dialog box

Use this dialog box to define the header and footer for a Data View report.

To specify the header and footer

In the Data View: File Header and Footer

Select the Header or Footer tab and enter the text. To change the font, select a cell and click Font. In the Font dialog box, select formatting options for all text in the cell.

You can also enter certain variables.

Variable Replaced with at print time
$A Application name
$P Current page number
$N Total number of pages
$D Current date

Distance to Frame

Dimensions are in centimeters if your Windows system-wide measurement system is set to Metric, in inches if it is set to U.S. To view or set the measurement system, from the Windows Control Panel choose Regional Settings Number tab Measurement System.


Specify the distance from the top margin to the bottom of the header text.


Specify the distance from the bottom margin to the top of the footer text.

First Page No.

Enter the starting page number. Additional pages are numbered consecutively.