Drawing Set Display Filter dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify separate filters for file names and for descriptions.

To attach drawings

Click Home tabData panel Define Drawing Set. At the Command prompt, enter adedrawings.

Filters can include wild-card characters:

Asterisk (*) represents any set of letters.

Question mark (?) represents any single letter.

For example, if you enter *\ch* in the file name filter field, the drawing list displays all file names that start with the letters ch in all directories.

To display drawings in a specific directory, enter the path to that directory. For example, enter c:\office1\* to view all drawings in the office1 directory. When specifying drives, use the drive aliases assigned in the Drive Alias Administration dialog box

Nested drawings are also filtered. If the parent drawing is filtered out, none of its nested drawings appear in the list. If the parent drawing appears in the list, the filter applies to the nested drawings.

To display all drawings, enter *\*.dwg in the File Name box. To display all descriptions, enter * in the Description box.