Drawing Cleanup Errors dialog box

Use this dialog box to step through the errors, review them in the map, decide whether to correct the errors, and place markers on errors that you want to review later.

To set up markers for interactive mode

To review errors before correcting them

Click Tools tabMap Edit panelClean Up. At the Command prompt, enter mapclean.

This dialog box displays the cleanup actions performed on the drawing and the errors detected for each action. This dialog box is displayed only if you select Interactive on the Drawing Cleanup - Cleanup Actions dialog box. If you select Automatic, all errors are corrected automatically.

Cleanup Action

List of cleanup actions

Initially, the first cleanup action with detected errors is selected. The icons next to the cleanup action show you what the error marker for that action will look like (marker shape and color) if you mark errors in the map. Expand a cleanup action to display the list of detected errors (Error 1 of...).

All cleanup actions performed, except Simplify Objects, are listed in the Drawing Cleanup Errors dialog box. AutoCAD Map 3D automatically performs Simplify Objects, even when you select Interactive.

For Erase Short Objects, AutoCAD Map 3D divides the detected errors into three groups: Short Degenerate Objects, Short Line Objects, and Short Polyline Objects. For Zero-Length Objects, AutoCAD Map 3D divides the errors into two groups: Zero Length Line Objects and Zero Length Polyline Objects.

To display the list of errors detected (Error 1 of...) for a cleanup action, click the plus sign (+) next to the cleanup action's name.

Cleanup Action Options

To work with all errors for a cleanup action at once, select the action and click any of the following:

Fix All

Correct all errors for the selected action.

Mark All

Mark all errors for the selected action with error markers, making them easily visible in the map.

Remove All

Skip all errors for the selected action without correcting them, remove any error markers, and go to the next cleanup action in the list.

Next Action

Go to the next cleanup action in which errors are detected, without correcting errors.

Individual Error Options

To step through the errors for a cleanup action one at a time, select its list of errors (Error 1 of...), and then use any of the following:


Correct the selected error and go to the next error on the list.


Place an error marker on the selected error.


Skip the current error without correcting it, remove any error marker, and go to the next error in the list.


Go to the next error on the list without correcting the selected error.

Zoom Settings

Zoom %

Specify the percentage of the drawing that highlighted objects occupy. 100 zooms the display to the extents of the highlighted objects. Less than 100 displays more of the drawing outside the highlighted objects. 0 maintains the current zoom level.

Auto Zoom

Automatically adjust the zoom so the selected error fills the percentage of the screen specified for Zoom %.


Zoom to the selected error. Clear Auto Zoom to use this option.